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19 November 2009

Connection test

Advanced; IP port scanner, Connection Test, Send Data to server/receive, Find your IP address, etc; Details: Below This program is made to test connections and scan ports. What does this mean? Testing connections can be very useful if your trying to find out if you or a friend as a firewall that might be blocking your connections. You can also connect to websites. If you can't connect to a friend, you could use the Port scanner to check and see if the port he is listening on is open or not. If it doesn't show up then he most likely has a firewall on, or something else is blocking the connection. You also can pick the Speed for your Port Scanner. And you may run both the Connection test and the Port Scanner on the same time. When you connect to a host you can also send it data(text), and you can also receive data. This helped me make my mIRC bot, by connecting to the servers with it and sending it different commands and looking at what I recieved from the mIRC servers. The program also finds your External(Internet) and Local IP(LAN) address. I am sure many of you can find some very usefull ways to putting this program to use. This code is made for Beginners, code is simple. Hope you like it, Enjoy :D

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